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Wakaf of Wells in Bangladesh/Cambodia

Wakaf of Wells in Bangladesh/Cambodia. Joint collaboration between Al-Hadi Academy & Yayasan Amal Malaysia.

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  • Note: 1 name for each part of a well. If you perform wakaf for 1 whole well, you are entitled to submit up to 10 names. (Just 1 name is also possible for 1 whole well)
    IMPORTANT: After payment, please send the screenshot receipt via Whatsapp to (+65) 9775 5552
  • (English) I hereby agree to perform this wakaf of wells for the Muslim community in Bangladesh or Cambodia, through Al-Hadi Academy as the representative for Yayasan Amal Malaysia. The wakaf of mushaf is distributed to Muslims in Africa.

    (Malay) Saya bersetuju untuk mewakafkan telaga untuk umat Islam di Bangladesh atau Kemboja, melalui Al-Hadi Academy sebagai wakil kepada Yayasan Amal Malaysia. Wakaf Al-Quran pula diberikan kepada umat Islam di Afrika.

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